About Us

The “Vote Principle” Mission

Vote Principle is a 2-part, non-partisan effort that advocates choice on our ballots and election reform.

The first goal is to encourage all American voters to vote according to principle and not according to party affiliation. Consider this: in 2013 a Gallup poll showed that 42% of the voters in our country identify as “Independent”, not Democrat or Republican. In any race that is divided 3 or 4 ways, 42% will typically be enough to win. So it is a curious thing that practically every race, on the national stage, goes to one with a D or R next to their name. We won’t delve into the reasons this continually happens and take the discussion, at hand, off course. That is another article for another time.

It is the primary goal of Vote Principle to change this narrative. It is our desire to give the American voter more choices in every election, on the national stage, when there are willing Independent or 3rd Party candidates ready and willing to actively pursue those political offices.

The 2nd part of the strategy to do this is to publicly address the various obstacles put in place by those currently holding these offices and by the media that prevents these outsiders from being heard and, as a result, level the playing field through reform of the electoral process. We will do this through activism and raising awareness regarding the flawed system.

It is hard to get elected officials to address election reform and voter fraud once they have obtained their position using the system that is in place, how ever unfair it might be. After all, why would I fix something that most likely helped get me elected? The strongest advocate for this type of reform is generally the candidate that lost an election by a small margin due to voter fraud or a flawed delegate system. Unfortunately, the loser also loses the power to do anything about it.

Most of the American public recognizes the significant flaws in the system that continually prevents an office from going to the people’s choice. This is a big reason why so many stay home and exclude themselves from the process. Yet, no politician is stepping up to make the necessary reforms. Vote Principle wants to rally activists and team up with other organizations who have like-minded activists with similar goals and make sure our voice is heard in D.C. until the necessary reform occurs.

America deserves to have our vote count! America deserves real choice on our ballots! America deserves fair and accurate elections!

The Republic is only as strong as its voting process!