For Those Who Just Want To Stop Hillary

Let me begin by saying that you should not take anything in this article as a suggestion that I’m encouraging anything but purely voting principle. Consider this an alternative viewpoint to the prevailing “I must vote for Trump to stop Hillary” thought process to those who just want to block her with their vote and convince others to do the same. Regardless, no matter where you live, it is 100% acceptable to only cast your vote for those who uphold the principles that you hold near and dear.

Vote Principle is still very much created with this premise in mind:

States where you can vote conscience

But with this in mind, I’d like to present an idea for those who continue to insist that keeping Hillary out is their #1 priority.

Many will tell you there is only one option if you are a die hard Hillary despiser – vote for Trump. On the surface, it does seem like Trump might be your one and only possible blockade to another Clinton moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But hear me out while I present the case for “maybe, maybe not”.

First, let me pull out my crystal ball and tell you what I see as a very safe prediction for election day. As long as nothing catastrophic strikes the Clinton campaign between now and then – either someone finds the magic key to lock the lady up for crimes so many know she committed or (heaven forbid) her health fails her in a big kind of way – I think it is safe to say no one is going to beat her to the 270 electoral votes needed to win this election. Anyone who tells you that Gary Johnson could find a clear path to that 270 mark is clearly delusional. On the other hand, I honestly don’t think Trump has a chance either. So as I see it, that leaves one alternative, make sure she does not get to the 270 threshold, as well. Keeping her from reaching the mark would mean that the election then goes to the House of Representatives where she is least likely to find enough friends to usher her into the Oval Office. So – how could the #NeverHillary camp make that happen? I’m glad you asked!

Let’s face it, the election comes down to individual states and your decision to go to the polls and “make your voice heard” has absolutely nothing to do with popular vote of the nation as a whole. This is the unfortunate truth about our current election process – the existence of the electoral college can, and often times does, make your vote null and void simply because of the state you call home. So you have to determine if you are in one of those states where your vote will be faced with overwhelming opposition.

People seem to overlook this simple truth. They forget that popular vote does determine our nation’s future. This is why I believe that a vote for Trump is not always your best option for stopping Hillary. Stay with me for a bit longer and I will break this down further for you.

If you live in a rural area in a state that has a large liberal metropolitan area, there is a good chance that section of the state determines where your electoral votes will go. The perfect example is Illinois. There are a few counties, on the shore of Lake Michigan, that go completely contrary to the rest of the state but always make the decision for the entire state. This has been the case for the last 6 presidential elections. The last time Illinois went with the Republican candidate was 1988. There is a very real possibility that a vote for Trump is the so-called “wasted vote” if you reside there or in states with a similar scenario.

So if you live in one of these blue states and you don’t like the two main choices, there is a good chance that a vote for the one viable 3rd party candidate (Gary Johnson) is actually better than to simply vote for Trump in protest against Hillary.

If you live in a red state, particularly southeastern states, and can see the polls are overwhelmingly leaning towards Trump, it might make sense for you to go ahead and vote for Trump anyway just to seal the deal, so to speak.

If you live in a swing state and are concerned that a vote for Gary Johnson could hand your state to Hillary, you might be right but you might be wrong. Polls in the final weeks become vitally important to your decision in states like Colorado, Florida or Ohio. While I believe you should vote your conscience, I am also realistic. It becomes imperative that you remain fluid in these key states as November gets closer and consider the way the political winds have shifted, weeks and even days before you go to the polls.

I also believe that, in this election, there will be what I’d call “surprise states” where the polls are showing the Libertarian ticket could upset the apple cart. We have to consider this as a real possibility since this will be the first time in our recent history that a third party is being looked at as a serious option. This would include states such as Utah and New Mexico. To an extend, it includes Colorado.

The key to the whole thing, in my estimation, is keeping Hillary from getting to the 270 threshold. I’m not saying this is key for me. This is key to the individual that is purely #HillNo and is hellbent on stopping her.

Once again, if my original prediction is correct, those who are scared of a Hillary presidency would need several states to go to Donald Trump and at least 1 to 3 states to go to Gary Johnson. As stated before, I don’t believe for a moment either opposing candidate is capable of beating her to the necessary electoral college votes. Your main hope is to steal an important state or two from her and anyone who is that opposed to HRC should face the reality that you’ll need Gary Johnson’s help to accomplish this. If your state has a strong possibility of swinging in favor of any candidate besides Hillary, you better not buy into the lie that Trump is the only one capable of stopping her. Let Gary Johnson help push this decision over to Congress and get ready to celebrate when he does.

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