Glenn Beck Solidifies His #NeverTrump Stance, Looks To Libertarians

This week was a big one for the Libertarian Party. Coming just ahead of their national convention in Orlando, happening over Memorial Day Weekend, the party had their second nationally televised Presidential debate, brought to the public by Blaze TV / Glenn Beck and moderated by Magician and Comedian Penn Gillette.

Prior to the debate being viewed by the public, Glenn Beck took the time to interview each of 3 frontrunners looking to walk away from the convention, next week, with the nomination. He interviewed former New Mexico Governor, Gary Johnson on Wednesday May 18th, Tech Guru John McAfee on Thursday May 19th and Austin Petersen, founder of, on May 20th just a few short hours before they aired the debate.

Immediately following the Petersen interview, Glenn Beck shocked many of his followers as well as those following the Libertarian race to the nomination by lavishing Austin Petersen with praise. He even stated “Austin says all the right things. He is my guy now!” He went on to criticize the other 2 Libertarian candidates and discuss with his panel all the reasons why he could not vote for either of them.

Watch a short clip of Glenn explaining how Petersen could change this race.

Until Sen. Ted Cruz suspended his campaign, Beck had been an outspoken advocate for Cruz’s bid for the White House. From all appearances of things, Glenn Beck has a new candidate to get behind. This is a huge win for Petersen who appears to be in an extremely tight race with Johnson for delegates. Is it enough? We will know for sure on May 29th.

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