First Nationally Televised Libertarian Debate Tomorrow

On Friday, April 1st the Libertarian Party breaks new ground. Part 1 of the first nationally televised Libertarian Presidential Debate is on Stossel. Tune into Fox Business at 9:00pm (EST).

This debate features the 3 leading Libertarian candidates, Gov Gary Johnson, John McAfee and Austin Petersen.

What is a Libertarian?

In a nutshell, The Libertarian Party believes in maximum individual liberties without government interference, non-aggression, limited government and, as a result, minimal taxation. To learn more, you should spend some time on this page –¬†

This party got its start in 1971 and is currently the largest 3rd party in the United States.

All LP Candidates

For information on the 2016 Presidential candidates for the Libertarian party, check out their official websites:

Austin Petersen –
Darryl Perry –
Derrick Michael Reid –
Gary Johnson –
Heidi Zeman –
Jack Robinson –
Joey Barry –
John McAfee –
Joy Waymire –
Kevin McCormick –
Malisia Garcia –
Marc Allen Feldman –
Rhett Smith –
Shawna Joy Sterling –
Thomas Clements –

NOTE: is a non-partisan website. The article is intended for information purposes only and should not be considered an endorsement for the Libertarian Party or any of its candidates.

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